Mary Craig(UK) "Hi Sarah, thank you so much for the trousers, they came

yesterday and they fit perfectly"

ChristineColangelo(Ireland) "Sarah, this is Thomas's 5th pair of trousers from

you and each time the service you have provided me with has been just


Kristin Burke Zagorski(USA) "Thank you so much for the trousers for Garet!

He LOVES them and can kick high now"!

Fiona Truman(UK) " Thanks for the trousers, they fit lovely"

Michelle Winfield(UK) "I received trousers today. They are great- Thank you":)

Lauren McManus(Canada) "We received the pants. They are perfect"

Kristian Fisl(Czech Republic) "I've just received the trousers, they are perfect!

They fit me well, so I am really happy about that"

Justine Walker(UK) "The trousers have arrived and we're very pleased with

them. I'll let the other mums know about you"

Jolie Kilpatrick(USA) "Perfect! Thank you!

Rebecca Sanlon(Ireland) "Thanks again for Darren's pants. They were just fab.

He was so comfy in them when he wore them at the Connacht Championships"

Karen Hall(UK) "Just a quick email to let you know trousers have arrived, fit


Martina Ryan(Ireland) "The trousers arrived yesterday, I am so happy with

them, they are just beautiful"